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About Us

Meet the driving forces behind DCeXa

About us

The story behind DCeXa

Collaborating with key local employers and academia in the Indianapolis area, it specializes in providing a game-changing Digital Career Exchange (DCeXa) application using a range of technologies, including AI, that will provide academia, job-seeking talent, and employers with the platform and training tools to enhance and display skills and engaging users both virtually and directly to ensure that talent are instantly matched to job requirements.

Our life in technology

Who are we?

Intrallect is a software application provider with roots in Florida, Indianapolis, and Edinburgh, Scotland, that is managed by a combination of experienced international IT executives and diverse emerging talent.

Here at Intrallect, we believe our latest development, the Digital Career Exchange platform, is a unique solution to the traditional job recruitment phenomenon. Recruiters and applicants are able to communicate unprecedentedly. For applicants, a wide audience to showcase personal achievements, including academic qualifications and personal and capstone projects. Equally beneficial, recruiters can gain a holistic perception of the applicant's professional background while having access to an audience of applicants with diverse skill-set. Our virtual platform is always undergoing refinement to keep it forever effective, we appreciate your feedback and will always strive for success.


Security at every step

At Intrallect, we recognize the importance of security and privacy. Our digital career platform is revolutionizing how individuals can place a wide range of their professional backgrounds and academic material within a digital passport. This digital passport is then accessible to industry experts, where they can establish direct contact without any intermediaries. It is for this reason, Intrallect places security as its central focus.

For an effective security solution, Intrallect has partnered with a market-leading cloud vendor, AWS. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers infrastructure services to organizations such as cloud computing.

Our Values


We place users as a central concern during development. This principle allows us to tailor our solutions to fulfill end-users’ needs.


We understand and value the importance of the user interface and experience, security, and privacy. Our latest development platform has been developed with care, placing users at the center of our design.


Digital Career Exchange is an example of our moral principle. We have developed an innovative application capable of streamlining and revolutionizing the career markets.


We strongly believe in teamwork and hard work. Combining all our values, we deliver effective and innovative end-point software solutions.

Get involved


DCeXa is always looking for thought leaders to help in our initiative of bringing a democratized platform to all. If your organization would like to get involved, please reach out to us. 

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Have a comment, question or need more information? Simply send us an email and we will be in contact soon.