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Be Confident. Be In Demand. Be Career Ready.

Start building your professional brand and skills today with DCeXa.
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Take the guesswork out of being career ready.

Learn how to build your professional brand. Grow your skillsets. Showcase your talents and qualifications for an in-demand career.

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DCeXa is a 24/7, online direct access platform to talent and skills pipeline ranging from academic to internal with specialized events and integrated communications.


A job and career readiness framework. A training guide to building your band and skills for your ideal job. A program to showcase your talent directly to employers.

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Take your career progression to the next level. Learn how to leverage your professional skills toward career advancement. Network with employers

Career Services

DCeXa assists & guides students in finding degree-related employment. Ongoing skill-building to prepare students and alumni for career placement.


Mentor, shape and hire talent based on real demonstratable skills to help achieve a balanced, high-quality, talented, and diverse workforce while also providing ongoing, valuable emerging skill needs to students.

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Core Features


Personal Branding Development

Structured application for all students and alumni to showcase digital skills and personal talent.

Brand and Career Training Courses

Training videos and course materials on the development of brand and career skill needs.

Skill Planning

Plan and showcase your applied skills to match with your ideal job or career path.


Host or participate in mentoring and self-mentoring events to coach and guide students and internal staff toward their career goals & strategic skill needs.

Talent and Skill Showcase

Attend in-person, virtual, and hybrid events with employers for jobs, advice, and mentoring on enhancing your skills and brand.

Direct Communication

Communicate, evaluate and hire in real-time with DCeXa’s fully integrated communication system.

Career Events

Attend in-person, virtual, and hybrid events with employers for jobs, advice, and mentoring on enhancing your skills and brand.

Talent Matching

Forum for job-seeking students and employers to search, match up and interact at accelerated rates.


Get started with DCeXa

Get your brand started today and see how you can start shaping your professional future. Start building your brand in 3 easy steps today!



Attend, learn and grow your professional brand with in-person, hybrid and virtual career events. Network with leading companies, learn how to build your skills, and translate them into your career.

What is a personal brand

Self-directed online module with curated content search.

Why is your brand personal

Guided reflection and discussion with Intrallect facilitators.

How to make your brand stand out

Course section comes complete with training videos and support.

The who: being your brand

Ongoing engagement and support by local academic and career services, plus user-group community support.

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